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About Class C Ip Checker

Many tiny agencies and hosting companies host many sites on the servers. If any domain gets blacklisted, it hurts other domains. The Class C IP checker checks whether it is hosted on many domains. It tests if the same class C IP address is hosting many domain names or a single domain. Some website owners host websites from shared hosting.

It can be shared with many other sites of the same class C IP addresses. It is possible to identify how many websites are being hosted on the server. The total quantity of Host addresses present in Class CIP addresses is 254. What's an IP address? An IP address is a numerical value that specifies a unique address in the network.

It is a basic protocol used for communication over internet networks. There are two kinds of IP address protocols that are IPV4 and IPV6. It is divided into five classes of IP addresses and all the five classes exist in the IP address's initial octet. The Internet Engineering Task Force created IPV5 Address to increase the world with an increase in available address space over 2,128 worldwide. The Class E IP Address is earmarked for R & D work along with other experimental functions.

Sharing the same IP address will affect SEO rankings. Search engines will blacklist sites with the same IP. Having a dedicated IP for your hosting will be better than shared hosting.