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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker is a tool to compute the Page Authority score. The page authority checker identifies the algorithm using a machine learning model. It reveals the best correlation within the SERP rankings. Pages with higher Page Authority have a greater ability to rank on the Search Engine Result Page. It gives a notion of how much SEO you have to do to improve the page authority for each page of the website.

The algorithms used to calculate the Page authority score get updated. It's easier to develop a Page Authority rating from 25 to 40 than 65 to 80. Moz has developed a metric called MozRank. It provides the strength of external links to your website. Google cares about the quality of the links rather than the quantity.

One high-quality link is as great as two low-quality links. Google values high-quality content through social signals. Good content gets shared, liked, or commented on. It sends a vital social sign. Good quality content gets social signals, while poor quality content gets no social signals. The Page Authority Checker Tool is a new addition to the SEO toolbox.

There is no good or bad score. Page authority is important to boosting the visibility of their pages on your website.