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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Google Page Insights Checker shows the speed of a webpage or website on both mobile and desktop. It also provides the best hints to improve the webpage speed. The tool provides a page speed score that shows complete page performance details. It provides excellent page speed insights to make the site load faster. It aims to enhance webpage speed and provide an excellent experience for the user.

It can be used to improve search engine optimization rankings for search engine results. It is a free download. Google Page speed checker is a unique tool offered by Google to calculate speed scores. It focuses on static files used on the website. The application is dependent on 'server response time' instead of external technical facts.

It is defined based on the length of time taken to exhibit all the resources of the webpage. The tool is necessary to give an excellent insight into the site's performance. It analyzes in detail and provides valuable suggestions to improve your website's functionality. It also makes you rank higher on Google search results. Long ago, Google announced it would be among the ranked elements in search engine results.