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About Server Status Checker

Server Status is the Status of your Server, as it is evident from the title. It's set through Hhttp or Https response from your website is OK or not. It'll let you know whether the server of your site is offline or online. If the status is "200", then it indicates the website is online. If it says "500," it means the website is down due to a server problem.

It is an efficient tool that every webmaster should use daily. It offers robust tools for website owners to better their website ranking. The Status server checker tool is one of the means for our valued visitors. Using this tool, you can check the status of preferred sites. Enter up to 10 URLs at a time in the given text field and press on the button to examine these website servers' status.

It will state if the webserver is down. An offline site Status means traffic can't get it, and visitors leave the website. It increases bounce speed and leaves a low impact. The tool tests server uptime and remains upgrade with the site's server position. The tool makes it easy to check the status of the server. It usually means your server managed to return content to the URL you asked for.