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URL Encoder/Decoder/Decoder. Use the online tool to encode or decode a string of text. For worldwide interoperability, URIs have to be encoded. For example, the string: François, would be analyzed as Fran% C3% A7ois. Under RFC 3986, the URL characters are from a set of unreserved and reserved characters.

The reserved and unreserved names have changed with every revision that governs URIs. The characters allowed at a URL are either allowed or unreserved. Reserved characters are those characters who have special meaning.  RFC 3986 doesn't define according to which character encoding table non-ASCII personalities. URL encoding entails a pair of hexadecimal digits.

Some languages don't even fit into an 8-bit code page (e.g., Chinese). RFC 3629 proposes to use the Unicode character encoding table. The free online URL Encoder/Decoder tool works when you add a string of text to space. Then, all you have to do is click the "Encode" or "Decode" button, showing the results immediately. Also, check here to convert ugly URLs to SEO & user-friendly URLs by using the Free URL Rewriter Tool.