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About Website Links Count Checker

Website links A counter checker counts the amount of external and internal links on a webpage. The tool displays the total number of links, internal links, and external links of the webpage. On average, the outside links within the page should be around 2-3 links for every 100 words of content. However, if the links are above the average, it contributes to the collapse of rank. To rank high on a search engine, add more quality content with external and internal links.

The Website link count check is an easy and fast way to check all the web pages' links. The ideal technique is to find all the internal links through our tool. Google uses algorithms to recognize high-quality and credible sites with Google links. If your website doesn't match the need, you will see a drop in positions over time. To see if your site is optimized for Google search, go to Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator Tool.

The best way to optimize a site is to make sure all your links are connected with a specific keyword. Total links are a blend of both internal and external links. It calculates the total number of links on a given webpage or website.